We haven’t spent a lot of time on cycling here at ESM, and for good reason: it’s an elitist sport that can be wildly discouraging to a newbie. But we’re going to change that idea right now.

Enter Cyclocross. Part bike race, demolition derby and obstacle course, this is a no-holds-barred-anything-goes-just-get-your-ass-across-the-finish-line sport that we can really get behind.

Sand? No problem.  Mud? Foregone conclusion. Snow? More please.

Unlike their “fancy pants” counter-parts (road bikers- also known as “Roadies”) Cyclocross guys actually enjoy the challenge of riding on varied terrains. They aren’t looking for the lightest bike, newest tech, and they certainly don’t want to be staring at some other dude’s ass for hours on end.  They just want the bike to be absolutely bulletproof and work every single time.

The best part about this sport is that it doesn’t subscribe to any set parameters; if you’re looking to get into cycling you don’t need to hit up a bike store, get completely intimidated and get pressured into buying  all the Superhero gear to go with it (competition, like in the video, is a different story).

Here’s the point- you can get a decent Cross bike from BikesDirect.com, throw on a vintage tee, cargo shorts, aviators and just go.  There are no rules about how you dress, what you do or where you go. Fancy pants need not apply.


When not at ESM, Chris can be found cycling up and down the Santa Monica Bay, re-engineering a turkey fryer into a pizza oven or reading about survival techniques in the Gobi desert.