Earlier this week, I received a call from one of my clients saying: “I have a date tonight with a special girl. Although I wear suits 6 days a week, I want tonight to be exceptional.  I need to present myself with a fun, sexy outfit because I am going to bring out my Bentley GT Continental tonight!” 

The black Continental GT used for the evening. This may have helped the date out a little bit.

Obligingly, I showed him the fun, sexy outfit he was looking for (below) which I was able to whip up from his personal Astor and Black collection.

Outfit details: Black Velvet Jacket, custom shirt, handmade tie, seven for all mankind jean, and Alan Edmonds Calhoun boot in black.

The next day, I received another phone call about their lovely evening and I am happy to annouce they are going on a 2nd date!

It definitely makes me feel good to know he is a happy man and his girl noticed the little details and complimented my client on his outfit and his yummy tasting (yeah-tasting) cologne.

Cheers to another success!

ESM's newest contributor, David Buryn.

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