The Iconic Egg Chair

Looking in to replacing your old lounge chair that you had since your college days or just want to spruce up your pad?  Here at ESM we would like to start to introduce our readers to the classics and up and coming furniture and product designs.

So lets start off by introducing a true classic, The Egg Chair.  Designed by Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) in 1958 for the lobby of the Royal Hotel of Copenhagen.  This organically shaped chair has since become synonymous with Danish furniture design throughout the world.


Just imagine yourself melding into it

Manufactured by Fritz Hansen, the chair is made of polyurethane foam with fiberglass reinforcement.  It’s upholstered in fabric or leather and sits on a 4-star aluminum base.


The Limited Edition Chair is made up of a chocolate brown suede on the back and chocolate brown leather on the front. The base is hand polished solid bronze that will darken in appearance over time.

A year ago, the Egg Chair turned 50 and to celebrate its golden anniversary, Fritz Hansen produced 999 limited edition of the chair; each individually engraved and accompanied by a book.

If you are planning to get one, try to buy an original.  But if your wallet is a little thin with the current economy, a reproduction will do.


A must for any home