The epitome of Italian design - the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

What is it about Italian design that makes everything it produces so sexy?  From Ferrari to Armani to Pininfarina, Italian design is something that many people and cultures try to replicate but never duplicate.

Although most of us have been exposed to Italian design through cars, the internet, art classes and furniture, you don’t quite get the true feel for Italian design until you have visited Italy yourself.   My first time landing in Rome, I remember seeing a woman dressed in a sharp suit and… driving gloves.

Bellissimo. The Ducati Streefighter.

I would never have imagined that it would look good, but hey, when you’re in Italy it seems like everyone gets lessons from birth on how to put outfits and designs together. 

Walking around in Rome you also get a feeling that beautiful design has been around for thousands of years.  It pumps through the lifeblood of the city and it is seen in the passion of everyone that is born there.   It’s no wonder Italian designers continue to produce passionately beautiful designs on a consistent basis.


For those of us that are not as lucky as people and designers born in Italy, we just have to live vicariously through the clothes and Italian products that we buy. 

So the next time you are looking for something to spice up your style, go for some Italian.    It will make you look better than you really are.

Just ask any middle aged Hollywood producer if you don’t believe me.


To create Essential Style for Men, mix 2 parts petrol, 1 part secret agent, 1 part rock and roll, 1 part hip-hop and a shot of tequila in a shaker with ice and vigorously shake for 20 seconds. Pour into a martini glass rimmed with explosives and have a supermodel serve for all your friends to enjoy.