The Little Dume button-up from Hollister.

Hmm, how can I best describe going into a Hollister store when you actually surf? 

It’s kind of like a mechanic buying his automotive equipment from the grocery store.  It’s okay, but you wouldn’t want other people in your industry catching you do it.

Fortunately for me, I write for Essential Style for Men, so I actually have an excuse to go in and look around every once in a while.

During those occassional trips, I’ll find something that is pretty cool and inexpensive which I wouldn’t mind wearing out.  More recently, I found the “Little Dume” button up which looks great and doesn’t bust the bank (about $40).

My personal preference would be to get the one with the blue/pink color scheme since it looks and feels light and airy for the summer.  I especially like the tear away buttons in the event you need to get, ahem, busy in the middle of a hot summer day.  It will look especially good with a pair of beat up jeans and flip-flops.

Check it out online at the official Hollister & Co. website.  In case it’s already sold out, (the price has already gone down) there are plenty of other similar shirts on the site for about the same price.


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