The BRM R50-VT.

The BRM R50-VT.

Gotta love the Robb Report.  What was originally a minor article in their latest publication is now a feature on ESM.

When I checked the main B.R.M. website out, I wasn’t totally impressed with the rest of their timepieces, but the R50-VT looks like a winner.

Designed by Bernard Richards, the BRM R50-VT was designed to compliment the Ecosse Moto Works Heretic (which we will be featuring in our next article).

According to the Robb Report, “The movement has a visible cylinder head and is suspended in the case by a three-point vibration-damping system.”

A PVD coating is also used throughout the watch and gives it the all-so awesome blue finish.

Interested?  Get together about $27k before you contact the folks from BRM.


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