The Hublot F1 King Power. Different from the Hublot you know. I rhymed and don't even care.

The new F1 King Power from Hublot is a little different from the standard pieces in the Hublot range.

According to an article on

Luxury Swiss watch brand Hublot, recently announced as the Official Watchmaker of Formula 1™, has unveiled the F1™ King Power, their first Official Formula One watch. The watch is a unique design inspired by Formula One racing and a result of many weeks of close collaboration between Hublot and Formula One Management.

The F1™ King Power features a 48mm-diameter satin-finished Zirconium case, a special Zirconium and ceramic bezel which resembles a Formula One car brake assembly. The unique multi-layered dial is treated in black nickel with black SuperLuminova and the hands are micro-blasted and rhodium plated.

What I like most about this particular timepiece is the subtle style it was given.  Typically, with other watch manufacturers, I feel that designers go too far in trying to market specific races or racing series on their timepieces.  The result is typically too audacious or ugly to even wear.

The Hublot F1 King Power, however, is a timepiece that I could wear all the time and not feel like a walking billboard.

For more information about the F1 King Power, you can visit the official Hublot website.


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