The IWC Portuguese Chronograph. Another reason to get a second job.

The IWC Portuguese Chronograph always makes my knees weak whenever I see it.  Whoever designed this watch magically put together a timepiece that is classic, masculine and timeless.

The piece is an automatic, 41 mm and is available in a variety of materials from steel to gold for the case, dials and numerals.

My personal preference is the one shown, with a black strap, white face and gold numbers.

The epitome of elegance in an everyday timepiece - the IWC Portuguese Chronograph.

Here’s an excerpt from an interesting article found on The Breitling Watch Blog about this timepiece:

The IWC Portuguese is one of the most recognizable classics in the IWC line of watches, having changed very little from generation to generation, though new variations have been coming out such as the F.A. Jones, 7 Day 5000 series Portuguese with the Pellaton winding system, and the new Regulateur Portuguese. The Portuguese Chrono is probably the most commonly seen variation of this IWC, and also the entry level model.

If you read the article in detail, it would seem that the writer shared the same watch love as me for this watch.

Now, the only thing separating me from being one with this watch is time and money.  Well, probably more money than time, but whatever – semantics.

For more information about the entire IWC Portuguese line, you can visit the official IWC website.


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