The Rolex Explorer II. So ice-cold.

Sometimes, the best answer is the simplest one.

Much like my pseudo-Chinese-proverb statement above, the Rolex Explorer II is an exploration into the simplest of designs which hit the mark for subtle awesomeness.  You don’t always need to have a chronograph (that you will never use) nor do you need that white gold finish to make your timepiece distinctive.

There are times when all you need is a sublime elegance to make the biggest statement. 

Well, that and about $5,000.

For more information about the Explorer II, please visit the official Rolex website.


To create Essential Style for Men, mix 2 parts petrol, 1 part secret agent, 1 part rock and roll, 1 part hip-hop and a shot of tequila in a shaker with ice and vigorously shake for 20 seconds. Pour into a martini glass rimmed with explosives and have a supermodel serve for all your friends to enjoy.