A U-Boat timepiece is hard not to notice.  

With most of their cases measuring either 45 or 53 mm, they are more than big.  They are massive.  

You can’t have a girly wrist if you want to pull one of these bad boys off.  Nor can you be afraid to make a statement.  A statement like ‘another round of shots!’

The beauty of U-Boat is their ability to stand out while still being subtle.  Creator Italo Fontana’s grandfather was commissioned by the Italian Navy to make a watch for their pilots in 1942. We’re glad Italo continued what his grandfather started.

The Classico line is all very straight forward.  Not too shiny, or blinged out.  Not too loaded down with dials that can tell you the temperature in Zurich.  Just some notches and a few numbers, add some dials and a screw down crown cap to make it look like it means business, and you’re good.

For more information about the U-Boat line of timepieces, you can visit them on their official website.


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