One of the many beautiful landmarks found in Barcelona. Image courtesy of Medioimages/Photodisc/Thinkstock.

Ah Barthelona (that’s how the locals pronounce it).  One of my favorite cities in Europe.  Beautiful people, beautiful city, fantastic food.  Oh yeah, it’s also an hour away from Ibiza, for you party folks.

From the moment we landed you could tell that the city was so culturally vibrant that it was oozing from each crack and crevice in the city.

Many artists lived in this famed city, such as Picasso and Gaudi.  Nowhere else can you see the craziest architecture built in the early part of this century.

The best thing to do is get lost in the city and eat in a tapas bar tucked away in a corner somewhere.

Relax.  That’s what is most amazing about Spain and the Spanish in general – they know how to do life.  Work is just something you do in between the time you spend with family and friends.

Don’t worry about going out, the bars open at midnight.  Clubs?  2 am.  And yes, it’s a Tuesday.

So the next time you are planning to go to Europe, think about going to Barcelona.  Not just because it has topless beaches with beautiful women.

And they’ve got a decent football team too:


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