Vizzo fo shizzle.

Forgiato has been in the wheel game for a few years already and they’ve come up with designs that range from classic to questionable.

In my opinion, the Forgiato Vizzo can be classified under the classic section.

Sporty, clean and aggressive, these wheels go well with anything from the 6 figure exotics to the 5 figure sport utility vehicles.  (Now what to do about that 4 figure paycheck…)

My recommendation would be to do the wheel in a plain, classic color like silver.  Check out some examples below:

Vizzo's for my Mazzie.

Vizzo's for my P-car.

Vizzo's for the F430.

I strongly suggest to not (actually I will shoot you if you do this) use multiple, crazy colors for the wheels.  It destroys the lines and cheapens them.

See below.

Just say "no" for this Vizzo.

For more information, you can visit Forgiato’s official website.


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