The Modulare M8. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Modulare is a wheel manufacturing company that produces rims for high end cars like Porsche, Audi and Range Rover.  Every once in a while I would see their brand pop up here and there on a lot of car enthusiast sites as well as on sites for companies that sell wheel upgrades.

They’ve got a lot of beautiful wheels, but the one that really caught my eye is their M8 line.

Here’s why:

I would marry this car. The Modulare M8 on a Range Rover Supercharged.

The wheels just fit so well with the lines of the car.

And in the event you don’t own a Range:

Bam. Rocking the Escalade with 24" M8's. Saying that sounds like I am talking about a grenade.

Want more information?  You can check out the entire line of Modulare Forged wheels on their official website.

You can also stop drooling now.


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