Novitec Rosso NF3 wheel in silver. Image from

Let’s face it – most people will never be able to own a Ferrari in their lifetime.  Therefore, it is a fair conclusion that even less people will have the means to purchase Novitec Rosso aftermarket parts for their Ferrari.

That doesn’t stop us from daydreaming though.

Based in Stetten, Germany (a German tuner working on Italian supercars?) Novitec Rosso has specialized in upgrading Italian cars since 1989.  From Alfa Romeo to Ferrari, Novitec Rosso is known for making beautiful and exclusive automobiles into exclusive works of art.

This is actually someone's dream garage in real life.

Does it come cheap?  Not really.

But if you have the means and live in the Miami or L.A. area, you can check out their products firsthand at CEC Wheels.  For more company and product information on Novitec Rosso, please check them out online on their official website.


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