The Rinspeed C5/1. So beautiful, it makes me want to cry.

Founded in 1979 by Frank Rinderknecht, Rinspeed is a Swiss automobile manufacturer and tuner that specializes in making sick cars even sicker (sick belt buckle, bro).  If you’re familiar with the Rinspeed Le Mans 600 (a car we featured in a previous article) as well as the other cars they produce, you know the folks at Rinspeed know what they’re doing.

Even though they’re Swiss.

Now, we’d like to feature a wheel that has been around for a while that is produced by Rinspeed – the C5/1.  It fits most Porsches, Audis and Range Rover models and dare I say, they are the best looking wheels on those cars.  I especially favor the ones that are one color in the middle and the bezel is another color.

Black with a white bezel. Rinspeed C5/1's on the Le Mans 600.

As always, things these pretty don’t come this cheap (just ask Tiger Woods), so grabbing a set of these will run you about $8k with wheels and tires.  If you can afford them, I would totally recommend you get them.  You won’t regret it.

For more information about Rinspeed and their product line, please visit their official site. If you decide to get yourself a set, grab an extra set for me in silver and 23″.  Thanks.

Rinspeed C5/1's on a Cayenne. Muy caliente!


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