The Saxon wheel in silver from Redbourne Wheels. Image from

Contrary to popular opinion, people who drive high end cars don’t necessarily have the money to spend for really expensive wheel and tire packages.  Nor do those same people want to spend over $5k for wheels and tires even if they had the money.

TSW wheels have been around for a long time and as of late, they have created multiple internal brands created specifically for different types of cars.  One of their brands which focuses on Land Rover vehicles is Redbourne Wheels. 

My favorite wheel is called the “Saxon” (pictured above).

The current trend for most big body Range Rover and Range Rover sport modification is to go with a 24″ wheel which looks proportional to the large wheel-well of the car.  Although the Saxon’s largest wheel size is 22″, it still looks pretty good because the wheel is monoblock and has no lip. 

Check out what it looks like on a white Range Rover Sport below.

Saxons on a white Range Rover Sport. Image from

The best part?  They’re affordable.  You can probably get a wheel and tire set at your nearest dealership for around $3,500 or less. 

But please make sure you get them in 22’s.

For more information, you can check out the main Redbourne Wheels website.


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