Who would have thought something so sick would come from someone called Wald. The Wald Portofino wheel, image from hpautoworks.com.

When selecting an aftermarket wheel for your luxury sedan, one must choose a wheel that is elegant, timeless, beautiful and carries as much visual weight as the car itself. 

You can’t pick a wheel that looks cheap and doesn’t have as much visual volume as the car it is carrying.

The Wald Portofino wheel on a Continental GT Black Bison. Image from jonari.com.

The Wald Portofino wheel from Wald International is a wheel worthy of any car it is mounted on.  With a multi-spoke design and bespoke finish, these wheels are meant to go on cars that cost double most people’s yearly salary.

For more information on the Wald Portofino wheel and Wald International, you can visit the official website for Jonari, the exclusive luxury importer of Wald products.

The Wald Portofino on a silver Wald Black Bison. Image from jonari.com.


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