This article is a tribute to the classic Nextel “Push It” commercial.  Even though it hasn’t aired for a long time I still catch myself looking at it at work and laughing my ass off.    

Check it out below:


It’s such an out of this world concept but for some reason I can still relate to it in my office life.  Let me break it down for you how it is, in fact, a parallel of reality:

There are three main characters dancing in the video.
In the office you usually only have two office friends you hang with (including you…that makes three!).  You and your three musketeer homies always got things covered, no matter how crazy the situation.

You look like you’re fucking around at work, but in reality you have it handled.
It’s not easy to making it look like things are easy.  You manage your time, make your calls and finish your work all before 10 am.

There is always the panicky overstressed guy at work.
This guy (usually your boss) is always uptight because he never knows what’s going on.  He goes by many names such as the “the tool”, “the buzzword king”, the “creepy touchy” new guy and many others.

So the next time your boss comes to you and your friends with a silly problem: 

  • Stop everything you’re doing
  • Solve the issue in 15 seconds or less
  • Hit “play” on your boom box
  • Rock the “push it” song like you mean it
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