You remember that crazy hasidic jew that sang reggae tunes and confused the hell out of everybody who saw him perform live?  He had that one song King Without A Crown?  Well if you don’t remember simply google hasidic jew and you’ll get all the Matisyahu info you need.  I wonder if the rest of hasidic community gets upset when they google themselves and get nothing but reggae, “Oi vai!”

I took a chance back in 2006 on the beat-boxing heb and was not disappointed.  His first album was actually really bad ass, while still sending out positive vibes (that’s how they describe good shit in reggae vocab).  His sophomore effort, Light, came out yesterday and it is also pretty dope.  And if you’re still temped to view Matisyahu as a novelty, the track We Will Walk should change your mind.  Also, below is the video for his first single, One Day.

Matisyahu – We Will Walk

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