The C1RS '62 Corvette. Worth cruising around in. Image from

During the 2009 SEMA show, the C1RS ’62 Corvette won the Goodguys “Street Machine of the Year”.

It has also won a place in our Classic Garage.  A much more exclusive award in our opinion.

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Powering the C1-RS is an LS7 V8 putting out more than 600 horsepower, but we were most impressed with the eight carbon fiber intake trumpets on either side of the engine that bring air into the intake manifold. The interior was beautifully crafted as well, with a custom fabricated aluminum dash and console and Alcantara and leather seats.

And guess what?  It posted the best time on the track for the show.  Beauty and power. Kind of like Grace Jones.  In the 80’s.

Even looks good from behind. The C1RS. Image from


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