It’s cars like this reimagined 1968 Dodge Charger RTR that makes me feel horrible for missing SEMA this year.

Admittedly, we’re MOPAR fans and not experts, so the name Johan Eriksson and his custom shop out in Sweden – “Powered by Johan” – only came to our attention after seeing pictures of the Charger RTR build.

Custom 68 Dodge Charger RTR image from

According to (Johan Eriksson’s official website), Johan has been working on cars since he was a kid, but he’s mostly known for his last 10 years of building and customizing Dodges:

“Dear child has many names,” it is said, and it also reflected on Johan who locally is more popularly known as “Volvo Johan”, “Viper- or Charger-Johan” and other nick names he imposed over the years by various social circles. Johan has since childhood been fascinated by everything with an engine and began customize both bikes, mopeds and later cars at an early age. Johan won, among others Elmia Styling Price already back in 1994 with a, for that time heavily modified Mercedes 300 coupe -88.

Custom 68 Dodge Charger RTR image from

While growing up in the county Värmland, Sweden with it´s deep forests the burning desire for the American muscle car culture, primarily Mopar with their big engines and heavy attribute compressors and headers was born inside him.

This year, we think Johan and his team of friends Jörgen Persson (owner of Svegs Bil & Plåt AB) and Otto Tillander (owner of NOCT Design & Engineering) have built something special with the Charger RTR.

An article on gives some insight on how Johan arrived at this point in terms of his builds:

Taking a step back, the RTR project makes sense as the next evolution in Eriksson’s path, as his passion from the start has been Mopars, and his previous internationally-acclaimed projects were another 1968 Dodge Charger, and a 1996 Dodge Viper GTS. The RTR combines the two into what might be considered the ultimate melding of classic and modern Mopars.

Custom 68 Dodge Charger RTR image from

We just think the car is mean, menacing and will probably make mortal men cry when it drives by.

Here’s a full list of specs for the Charger RTR build from

  • Engine: V10 Dodge Viper engine generation 2, 2007. Callies connecting rods, JE pistons, 4.001 drilled. LSM Camshaft, Manley valve springs, T&D roller rockers, MaxxECU engine steering, Twin Borg Warner ESR turbo´s.
  • Horsepower: Not benched yet but well over 4 figure is the goal.
  • Transmission: Strength Viper clutch, custom cardan shaft, 6 speed manual Tremec gearbox, shortened drive axels own produced.
  • Chassis: Modified chassi all over with own developed sub frames. AirRex air ride system.
  • Front brakes: 420mm carbon ceramic with 8 piston calipers from Bentley Continental GT
  • Rear brakes: 381mm carbon ceramic Corvette ZR1 front discs with 6 piston calipers
  • Body: Almost every part of the car is massaged, broadened, cropped, tilted, sectioned or in other way modified

Custom 68 Dodge Charger RTR image from

  • Wheels and rims: One of a kind rims measuring 24″x15,5″ in the back & 22”x11” in the front, milled out of 900kg Swedish high quality aluminum
  • Tires: Pirelli P Zero 295/30-22 front, 405/25-24 rear.
  • Paint: Custom paint Debeer, red, black, silver and gold mixed.
  • Interior: One of a kind own designed and produced with aluminum details all over the car milled out from over 6,500 pounds raw material, Custom made roll cage upholstered in leather, One of a kind dashboard and gages custom developed with details matching the RT/R, Custom made leather interior 2+2 bucket seats with aluminum console to fit the driveline and gearbox.
  • Sound System: Pioneer DEX-P99RS head unit, a couple of TS-C132PRS 5,25” speakers in dashboard, TS-C272PRS 6,5” kit in doors, 2 TS-SW2502S4 in kick panels, A pair of TS-C232PRS 5,25” kit and 3 TS-SW2502S4 subwoofers in rack beneath rear window behind back seats, A pair of TS-C232PRS 5,25” kit in trunk, 9 PRS-D800 amps and one SPC5010 capacitor, Stinger cables, Sound by LarsK Design.

We’re in love.

Custom 68 Dodge Charger RTR image from

Wonder if it’s going to show up in the next Fast & Furious movie?

For more information on the 68 Charger RTR, Johann Eriksson and his team, as well as their other builds, you can check out their official website at


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