The Superformance MKIII-R. This will keep you up at night. In a good way. Image from

So I made a tactical error last night.

Right before I slept I opened up my iPad and decided to look up “Superformance Los Angeles”.  This Google search then brought up the main Superformance website.  Which then brought me to a local dealer in Irvine called Hillbank Motorports.  Which in turn brought me to their used inventory

Which finally brought me to this:

This is THE CAR. 2009 Superformance MKIII from Hillbank Motorsports. Image from

For those of you who are in the know, the picture above is of a used 2009 Superformance MKIII dealer demo that holds a Roush 427SR with Custom Valve Covers and Air Lid Cover combined with Tremec TKO600 5 speed transmission.

As you can guess, sleep went out the window.

This was the car for me. 

This was the car I could imagine myself driving down PCH going 100 – I mean – the speed limit just listening to the roar of the engine underneath my feet. 

This was the car I would slow down when I would pass by a highly mirrored glass building so I can see myself drive by. 

This was the car that would make me forget about having responsibilities while I drove it.

And then of course, I went back to the Superformance website and found there is an even better, more badass version of the MKIII called the MKIII-R.

The Superformance MKIII is the only Cobra replica built under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. Image from

The original MKIII is a rolling chassis (see: no engine) with the following specifications:

  • Show quality two-stage paint finishes. Roush Monza Red with Dark Silver Twin Stripes with Black Pinstripes. (Additional Charge)
  • Hand laminated fiberglass body with reinforcing inserts.
  • Heavy duty TIG welded ladder frame chassis with crumple zones.
  • Fully independent front and rear suspension.
  • Limited slip differential.
  • Billstein® custom crafted coil-over shocks.
  • Side and rear view mirrors.
  • Original style pedals, catches and fittings.
  • Original style shifter and hand brake lever.
  • Carpeted interior and trunk. Aluminum finished firewall.
  • Sun Visors
  • Wipers & Washer, heater/defogger.
  • Original style latch-lock seat belts.
  • Moto – Lita wooden steering wheel.
  • Monza style filler. (locking gas cap)
  • Aluminum, single core hi-performance radiator, shroud and dual fans.
  • Oil cooler and braided lines.
  • Stainless steel fuel tank. 17 gal. (Pressure tested.)
  • Original style gauges (Smith) and switches. (Lucas.) Reverse 180mph speedometer
  • Stainless steel roll bar, chassis mounted.

Even the shifter is badass. Image from

According to the official Superformance MKIII-R press release, the MKIII-R has these additional features:

  • Roush emblems and shifter nob
  • American Racng 18″ pin drive wheels
  • Custom Roush Floor mats and Wind Wings
  • Custom Wilwood upgraded power-assisted vented disc brakes
  • Custom sway bars
  • Bilstein shocks and H & R Springs
  • Cobra seats with custom embroidery
  • Black Chrome Trim

So in essence, my original dream got shattered by a better dream.  Which really isn’t all that bad.

One day this baby will be mine. Loan me a couple bucks? Superformance MKIII image from

For more information on the amazing Superformance MKIII-R, you can check out their official website at


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