Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas. Image from the Robb Report.

Do you like to go against the grain?

When you were younger and everyone played cowboys and indians, did you want to be the indian and scalp everyone?  During cops and robbers, did you dream of getting away from the police scott free?

Did you watch James Bond movies for the villians?

If you’re this kind of fellow, I think the Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas yacht design by Belgian design firm Puresang is for you.

The helipad for your evil helicopter. Image from

Estimated to sell for approximately $200 million, the Beluga will have a 7,000 square foot outdoor lounge, a 49 foot long swimming pool, a green house, real palm trees and a vegetable garden.

So you can be an eco-friendly villain.

Where all the magic happens. Image from

Want the outside/inside feel?  The Beluga also features a 1,000 sq. ft. roof that opens like the mouth of a whale.

Just call yourself Jonah.

Where the rest of the magic happens. Image from

For more information about the Beluga, you can check out or the Robb Report.  If you really want to get confused, you can also check out Puresang’s official website.


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