Ooh, who's been naughty? Yeeeahhh, oh, I mean BMW's 550i GT

The auto industry is giving us more options than ever. From 22″ OEM wheels to self parking cars, electrics and hybrids, there is no shortage of choices. We also have more genres to choose from. The European automakers have combined our big American SUV ideas with their luxury sedans and sprinkled in a bit of Grand Touring to create what may become the most functional and fun group of cars yet.

In 2010, BMW is bringing their BMW 550i GT to market. I’ve seen it, and I’m a fan. It takes our definitions of what transportation should look like and blurs the lines that separate the species. I can load it up with with family and gear and head to the beach just as easily as I can test the autobahn’s speed limit, or lack thereof.
The engine is the same that you will find in the 750, and that is necessarily a good thing. That’s 400 horses to get you to the grocery store and back before that steak burns. The interior is fucntional and spacious, with cargo space up to 60 cubic feet with the seats folded down. How many Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders will fit in that space?

Take a look-see for yourself, and see if it belongs in your garage.


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