Let me be clear: I’m not a fan of convertibles. I believe that a proper GT car should have a fixed roof, and let’s be honest- most convertibles are created as an afterthought because it’s an effective way to squeeze out a few more sales on an existing platform. Even a car that is designed as a convertible, like the Mercedes SL, arguably looks better with the hardtop up.

Which is why I’m happy to see this:


This isn’t a convertible you buy because you want to be seen in it, it’s a car that you want to own and experience because it’s a work of art. In a bizarre twist of fate, the awkward proportions of the Granturismo are completely balanced out by removing the top:


Now don’t get me wrong- I’m a big fan of this car, but from some angles the long, sloping nose is at odds with a rounded roofline that is struggling to give a 2+2 the proportions of a two-seater. With the offending piece gone, the rest of the design can finally breathe, and the old axiom of “Less is more” rings true once again.

Bravo, Jason Castriota.


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