Just yesterday I was driving in some LA traffic, lost in thoughts of the latest dimepiece, when I noticed a matte black BMW 7-series next to me. Although I recognize the 7 is quite a force to be reckoned with on it’s own, I don’t know that it moves me to WOW status. But that matte black paint job was just bold enough to make me reconsider the lines.

Cult Energy Drink Challenger

Matte black paint jobs are something of a new phenomena in the automotive world, at least when done to make a statement, and not just because you found a replacement door at the local wrecking yard. My initial reaction was surprise, then appreciation for doing something that was new, and good. I’ve also seen it done not so well. If the car is strictly for comfort and status, like a Rolls, leave that shiny gloss on to reflect all of the pretty faces that will be looking to see who is inside. If your car of choice is packing more muscle than a major league baseball steroid user, then you may want to rethink that fire engine red and see if you have the cajones to pull off the matte black. It looks tough, apocalyptic, and mean, all while being a bit subtle, too. It’s not for everyone, and it has to be accompanied with the proper accoutrements, but it can have one hell of an effect.

N.G. = Not Good


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