Want your room to look like this? Image courtesy of Hemera/Thinkstock.

 Alright, so you’ve got this 1980’s pseudo art-deco 1 bedroom apartment and you’re wondering how to make it better.  Obviously, you can get yourself some good furniture to spruce the place up, but there are much simpler things you can do that can make your place feel a little more like a hotel than a 1980’s pseudo art-deco apartment.

Here are the basics (in order of importance, price and commitment):

This bathroom sucked before we changed the curtain

This bathroom sucked before we changed the curtain. Shower curtain and image from westelm.com.

Change your toilet seat, shower curtain and get some matching rugs/towels.
Pretty basic.  Just changing your toilet seat will help you feel a ton more hygienic and changing the shower curtain to something a little more modern will change how you feel whenever you’re in your bathroom.

Having some matching rugs and towels will complete the look without breaking the bank either.  I don’t know this for a fact, but I am pretty sure women judge us primarily by how our bathrooms look (clean bathroom = clean dude).

Change the showerhead and the faucets.
This is basically not an investment.  You’re doing this purely for you wanting to pimp out your pad.

Downpour shower head from The Home Depot

Downpour shower head from The Home Depot

They may seem insignificant, but changing your faucets and especially your shower head will make a HUGE difference.  These things aren’t too expensive either, just check out Home Depot and you can get some cool looking faucets for under $100 and a nice showerhead for about the same price.

Paint your walls.
This is probably going to cost you the most and has the most commitment out of all these suggestions.

To make things worse, if you are renting you will have to have it repainted back to white before you move out.  Trust me though, nothing changes the way a space looks than a new paintjob.

If you want some ideas, Behr paint has a great website with a lot of pictures of color combinations.

Try these ideas out and I guarantee you will feel so much better about that apartment. I just hope you plan to stay there for longer than 6 months.

Screenshot of the Behr website

Screenshot of the Behr website


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