As our style culture becomes increasingly casual, we find ourselves with an abundance of new options.  Along with these choices there comes some new predicaments.  Now we might not have to wear a suit to work but we still have to look professional.  And although I love the idea, when was the last time you wore a tie to dinner?  While we are trying to figure out what shoes to wear with jeans and a button down shirt,  our cap toe lace ups may find themselves moving towards the back of our closets and feeling pretty lonely.

And thus we have the advent of the dress sneaker.

Now we have the simple but solid entries by Puma and Creative Recreation.  And for the label conscious that can endure the financial hardship there are the likes of Gucci and Prada.  Of course we can’t forget the staples of the genre, Steve Madden and Kenneth Cole.  But whatever route you choose, be bold.  And consider throwing a little bit of money at your decision.  If you consider their versatility then dress sneakers can be a good investment.

Here are some of my favorites.


Tsubo Fleming - for the mountain biker set

Cole Haan Zoom Flywire - Thanks, Nike!


Salvatore Ferragamo Modern - Decadent


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