BOSS Stretch Tailoring image with Soccer Star Mats Hummels from

So we’ve been seeing these ads about “BOSS Stretch Tailoring” all over our Facebook feed and we have to admit, it’s piqued our interest because we’re all about comfortable suiting.

As you can see from the video below, soccer star Mats Hummels shows how elastic the fabric really is by doing some of his showcase moves while wearing a HUGO BOSS suit.

According to HUGO BOSS’ official website:

BOSS created these suits for the demands of modern lifestyles – from global travel to a busy day at the office. Stretching both inside and out, the design employs two layers of expanding fabrics for freedom of movement: an outer of 100% wool with a spring-like yarn and an inner stretch fabric.

BOSS Stretch Tailoring plaid wool suit (slim fit) image from

Our follow up questions are: will the suits be thicker because of the new fabric?  Can we do legit parkour-ninja moves in the office with these new suits and not split our pants (like last Thursday)? Will our wallets still bulge out of the back pocket?

BOSS Stretch Tailoring virgin wool 3-piece suit (regular fit) image from

Unfortunately we haven’t officially tried the new suit technology out for ourselves, but of the ones we have seen online, our favorite pieces are the three-piece gray suit, the gray plaid suit, the black suit and the dark red suit (as seen in the pictures).

BOSS Stretch Tailoring wool travel suit (slim fit) image from

Now all we need to do is pair one with a tactical turtleneck and we’re golden.

For more information on HUGO BOSS’ complete line of products, you can check out their official website at


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