One of our favorites from Coach’s Men’s Legacy Collection – The Bleecker Debossed Striped Duffle. Image from

I’m not going to lie – whenever my wife wants to roll into the Coach store I may seem like I am not happy, but I am actually just as excited as she is.

The reason for my secret excitement?  They’ve been slowly buidling up their men’s collections in each store. 

Very recently the folks over at Coach have introduced the “Legacy Collection” into the mix.  According to the official coach website, the Legacy Collection is “a modern collection inspired by timeless styles in the Coach archives: created by hand with our heritage of craftsmanship and design, made with artisanal glove-tanned leather, classic and yet completely new.”

We love this leather jacket from the Coach Legacy collection. Image from

Our favorite pieces in the collection are the Bleecker Debossed Striped Duffle, their Bleecker Leather Racer jacket in brown and the Bleecker Legacy Painted Stripe Compact ID (wallet).

Racing stripes. For your wallet. Image from

So the next time you are in the mall and your wife wants to “check out” Coach, you can hee and haw about how much you don’t want to be there, but we here at ESM know better – you’re going to run in and check out their Legacy collection.

Unfortunately you won’t be getting away with just buying something for yourself.

For more information on the men’s Legacy Collection by Coach, you can check out their official site at


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