Deus X Addict Oiled BMC Motorcycle Jacket image from

When we visited our local Deus Ex Machina location in Venice a few weeks ago, we saw this jacket in person and immediately fell in love with it.

Created in collaboraton with Addict clothes, Deus Ex Machina and Japanese artist Ken ‘Fusty Works’ Sugihara, this exclusive and limited motorcycle jacket was “designed and crafted by Japan’s finest motor jacket specialists” – i.e. badass and made with the utmost quality in mind.

Deus X Addict Oiled BMC Motorcycle Jacket image from

Additionally, a limited edition set of enamel pins is included with each purchase of the jacket.

Right now, only the 42 and 46 jacket sizes are available on the website, so if we were you, we’d pick one up sooner than later.

Deus X Addict Oiled BMC Motorcycle Jacket Pins image from

For more information on Deus Ex Machina’s complete line of products, you can check out their website here.


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