Basketball season and football season are just around the corner. Here are a few guidelines for dressing at the game.

Don’t Wear This:

  • Unless you are on the team, do not wear the team jersey. You are fooling no one and, regardless of your attire, they will never pull you out of the crowd and ask you to play.
  • A tank top is for the beach. I know it’s hot, but no one wants to see your farmer-tan (or worse, your burned flesh).
  • Sweatpants can be worn in a stadium if and only if you are running up and down the stairs. Not only do they look crappy, they have no pockets.
  • Flip-flops…really? You want to leave your toes open to drunk people with beer and (possibly) vomit. You want to walk into the restroom with no foot protection?

Instead, Wear This:

  • Polo shirt – classy, breaths well, can be the same color as your team, chicks dig it, and you can get into any after party or bar with it.
  • Team t-shirt – with a jersey, you show your love of a single player. With a team t-shirt, you show that you are a fan of the team.
  • Team track jacket – cool during the day, warm at night, perfect for putting over the shoulder of a pretty lady. See this previous article for even more reasons to wear a track jacket.
  • Jeans – but try to avoid excessive holes and/or cut-offs of any kind.
  • Any closed-toe shoe (see this previous article about awesome shoes). I know you want to be comfortable, but you also want to be able to get into an after party and not look like you just came from the gym or the beach.

Sporting events are social gatherings. Don’t be the social outcast among several thousand people.

Would you like to party with these ladies during and after the game...

Would you like to party with these ladies during and after the game...

…or would you rather party with these guys?

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