THE TEAM: JT, Chief Financial Officer and Resident Token Jew

JT brings a determined work ethic and contagious passion for cars and motorcycles despite his tendency to be overly thrifty and money-conscious.

When push comes to shove, JT’s greed is easily overrun by his love for having a good time and you can easily find him on random weekends poppin’ bottles and splurging on his friends when it counts.

Don’t be fooled by JT’s Jewish appearance – when it comes to contributing to the team and articles, JT’s astute attention to detail when it comes to fashion and extensive experience in modifying his current toy of choice will keep you on your toes and asking for more.

As for all things ESM, JT’s beliefs are true to the company’s philosophy, bringing style and products to the plate that are “reasonably” priced 🙂

So stay tuned, JT’s here to help you get there with your current bank account intact!