This little spiel was originally going to be about the spa in the Mandarin Oriental in New York, then I thought, what the hell? Why not chat about the entire hotel? Great hotels can have not such great spas, but this killer spa is attached to an amazing hotel.

Lobby Lounge, if nothing else, go for drinks at Sunset.

Situated on the southwest corner of Central Park, taking the 35th to the 54th floors of the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, there is a retreat of peace, perfected. I initially sent a girlfriend to the spa there, and the response was enough to make me wonder what I had done so well.

My next trip, I went and experienced it for myself. To begin with, the view is spectacular. I went in the late fall as a beautiful day was being encroached upon by an impressive storm front. I watched the black clouds consume building after building while I sat in the quiet room sipping green tea. The entire 14.000+ square feet was flawlessly detailed. The treatments and total experience were unforgettable.

City of 8 million plus? Nope, swimming pool with a view, for 1.

Now let’s not forget that there is a hotel. The suites are appointed with some Asian accents, and I’m not talking about the Chinese food delivery guy. Luxury abounds with great linens and beds that make you wish you lived there. The bathrooms are like personal spas. Floor to ceiling glass makes the exhibitionist in all of us want to show New York what we’re made of! Or at least really soak in the great views.

Add to all of that Asiate, their award winning restaurant, and the fact that it sits atop some great shopping and dining in the Time Warner Center, and you’d be hard pressed to want to book a room anywhere else.

So next time you find yourself  riding the 1 or ABC train and you hear “Columbus Circle, next stop”, get ready to run through that turnstile and check out the Mandarin Hotel.

For more information or to make reservations, you can visit the official Mandarin Oriental website.


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