The Ritz Carlton in Jamaica

Ahh, the Ritz Carlton in Jamaica.  Beautiful grounds, amazing rooms, and fantastic food… what more could you want?  Every-ting irie, mon!  Well, the whole point of traveling to an amazing destination is to take advantage of the local scene.  In Paris, you have to see the Eiffel Tower and eat french fries with mayonnaise.  In Australia, you go to the Great Barrier Reef, and drink a Victoria Bitter (NOT a Foster’s!).  These days, with all inclusive destinations and hotels that have everything you could ever need, we may forget to go outside and sample the true local culture.  Does that mean that when you are in Mexico you should sip tea with the drug cartels?  No.  Or be as risky as to eat chicken that is being cooked on the street in Manila?  Not unless you want to lose 10 pounds, the wrong way.  But definitely get out there to a local watering hole and mingle with the locals.

I thought it was warm in Jamaica! Hello, local!

I was asked what the best part of my trip to Jamaica was.  The answer was an easy one.  Learning Jamaican slang from a group of locals.  It was great to find out about these people and laugh and ask questions and make new friends.  So next time you are contemplating a massage in the spa, go to a house party instead.  Otherwise, you could have just stayed home.  Bon Voyage!


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